Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ski Trip to Lutsen

We recently had the chance to go to the Lutsen Ski Resort with our our church group. The ski hills were awesome, It was definitely a step up compared to the smaller ski resorts we've skied at: Afton, Trollhaugen, Spirit Mountain, and Giants Ridge. It was the first time skiing for the boys. They did really well, and we definitely had a blast!

On the way up, we went bowling, which was also a first for the boys.

Ari, Me, and Meagan

Most of the skiers

We stayed at an AmericInn that was about 20 min. away from Lutsen.

After we got back from skiing, we played lots of games.

After our last day of skiing, we went to an adorable little pizza place called Sven and Ollie's.

Top: Mrs. Wanschura, Mom, Lucas, Jacob, Jonas, Dad, and Mrs. Ostby

Me, Jesse, AnaLise, Daniel, Bill, Meagan, Christina, Nikia, Ari, Amanda, and Hannah

Lucas, Rob, Isaac, Dan, Phil, Jarek, and Dan


The Armour Family said...

WOW! That does look awesome and sooo fun! I'm glad that y'all were able to go. Great pictures as well!!!!

I hope to see you all soon.

To God be the Glory,

The Alzen Family said...

Thanks! Our freind Meagan took most of the pictures.
- Tessa