Monday, December 17, 2012


So I thought I should update everyone about what's been happening in this VERY busy home. ;)  Thanks to Christmas break I've had time!! (I know...excuses excuses...) =P  One thing that was a big highlight, was Florida!  We spent a week down there enjoying our family vacation time. :)  
The first half of our visit was spent in Venice, relaxing in the sun...and well simply enjoying a time to take a break and enjoy the scenery.  The last few days we spent in Orlando...being "typical tourists". ;)

Here are some pictures from our time spent there...we're so glad God made this work out! :)

Jonas and Isaac...the sand castle experts! ;)

Shark's teeth the end of our trip we found a total of 140! 

We saw quite a few exotic birds.

Lucas...the "rock explorer" lol =)

Jonas and "Papa" :)

We took a boat tour at a Natural Reserve

If you look closely...there's an alligator in the water

Jonas doing his "Sea World" song/dance :)
While in Orlando, we went to Sea World, as well as the Disney parks.  See what I meant by "typical tourists"?! =P

Inside one of the shows

Lucas found an...emm emm...let's just say an interesting buddy =P

Dad and the boys went ocean fishing....and brought back some delicious fish for us to eat!

This picture made me laugh =P

Very intense players lol
A picture of a picture...inside one of the rides at Magic Kingdom  =P

"King of the mountain" ;)

Some zebras we saw on the safari tour at Animal Kingdom

Pictures at the airport...=)

Nice one Ize =P

Me, being really =P

Yeah....really weird!! least I'm not the only weird one!!

Pay attention to the =P

That's it for our Florida experience...=)
Hopefully I'll blog more soon!

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