Monday, March 28, 2011

Outdoor Wedding

 Here's some pictures from a wedding that we played at a couple years ago. This wedding was held at the Groom's parent's house.  We had a great time, even though it rained through part of the Ceremony. The rain got on my violin bow and it wasn't making a sound! Besides weather complications, the setting was beautiful.



Lucas with his whiz-bang!




It was a beautiful harvest-time setting.

Here we are on their deck, playing for the ceremony below.

Family photos

(Don't they look spiffy?)

Getting ready before hand. :P

Relaxing before the wedding

Mom and dad at the reception.

They had the reception at a church where we also played.

Brianna, the bride, sang a song with us.

Kicking it up with bluegrass at a wedding! =)
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