Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy 10th Birthday, Jacob!!!

It's been fun to get to know his personalities over the few months.  Jacob and Jonas stick together basically all the day. Whether it be hopping in the car with "Pop" as they call him, or throwing snowballs at each other outside, or building neat machines with different odds and ends. :)

Jacob is a very sweet and sensitive boy.  Yet, when it comes to boy things like baseball, he is all boy. :D   He is very caring.  For instance, when Jonas falls down or gets hurt, he'll be right there to comfort him.  He likes to be active, so I have fun jumping on the trampoline with them or simply playing with Legos.  He is very creative, Jacob has built several bow and arrows with sticks and string.  For his birthday he received his own real bow, so he has been doing that a lot.  Outdoors is one of the things he loves to be doing.  He always tells us that he wants to hunt like Papa, which he sometimes does by going out in the woods sitting next to Dad just waiting and watching. :)  He has been such a sweet brother to me.  I love having younger siblings!

Isaac enjoys playing catch with the boys or, in this picture they built a giant snowman with the little snow we had. ;)

Mom and Jacob when we first got introduced to them in Ukraine.

Jacob and Jonas enjoyed to make "pillow forts" in our little apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. =D

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family photos

I finally got all of our new family photos uploaded on this post! :) This is our first photo shoot with the boys. They're taken in Biwabik MN, at Storybook camp. We go there twice a year for our church family camp, and the T.E.A.C.H retreat. So we thought it would be a fun idea to take them up there. Thanks to Meagan Wanschura who did a great job on these pictures! Visit her blog to find more information about her photography.


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Georgia Relatives

We have relatives from Georgia that came up to meet Jacob and Jonas, and for us to meet their two-year-old, Charlie. Charlie's dad, Nick is my dad's nephew.   Our house was full of life with a two year old, Mr. Energetic, in our house!

 Here's some pictures from their visit:

Jonas with his huge tower...he didn't have any trouble grinning in those pictures!

Nick and Jacob

We played a little bit of football. Here we are high fiving Charlie for his touchdown :)

Grandpa and Grandma took everyone out to eat at the end of the visit

Carly (Nick's wife who is pregnant with a girl :D), AnaLise, Grandma, Mom, and I

Big smiles!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Catching up on the Alzen Family =)

After completing our adoption of Jacob and Jonas about a month ago, (you can read all about that process @,) we have been so busy adjusting back to our regular and busy lifestyle, that I thought I would share some of the things we have been up to.

Fishing!! One of the boys' favorite hobbies.

Canoe Race


Family Reunions

Tis the summer for weddings!

On the mini train at Lake Itasca music festival

Jonas, zipped up in Isaac's bass case!

Up to the cabin with the Godins :)

A few weeks ago we went up north to a friends cabin, who have been a big part of our adoption. Another family went up to join us for a day, we went to their cabin for a day also. We had a blast enjoying the beautiful cabin, swimming, fishing, badmitten, pool, board games, and tubing. Here's some pictures of us kids having a great time!

Jacob and Jonas fishing

We brought our fishing boat up. The cabin had a pontoon boat and a speed boat which we definatly put into use!

Here's Isaac concentrating on a shot of one of the many games of pool in the garage....including some crazy games of "crud" that Amanda taught us... super CRAZY!!

Jacob, Lucas, and Josiah on the tube

We had some great sunny days there :)

Riding the waves

Tyler, Ryan and Isaac...

Speeding on the wake...

And doing some stunts. :P

Jonas on the speed boat

Beach Volleyball.  AnaLise, Emily and myself

Jonas and Jacob getting dirty

Josiah and Jacob in the hot tub

Jonas and Abby - aren't they cuties?!!

Isaac and

Hot Tub Fun
Yes, we had a nice time! =D

(Thanks to Amanda who took all the awesome pictures above!)

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