Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tessa's B-day post cont.

Please scroll down to the first part of this post entitled, 'Happy Birthday Tessa!!' before reading this second half, thanks!

Ahem.....that didn't work out the way I wanted to! :) I sort of forgot that the first picture you upload always has to be last, at least with our computer, and it would have looked weird to say, "Judge for yourselves on the pictures and photos I'll share with you above." Anyways, Tessa's birthday post continued! (And no, I'm not blond...:P)

Right off the bat, I'll start with six facts about Tessa.

Favorite food: Italian and Chinese

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite animal: Dog

Favorite season: Spring

Favorit sport: Ultimate Frisbee

In the summer Tessa enjoys gardening and taking pictures of the flowers in our yard.

She's a pretty gifted musician, and plays the Violin and Dobro as well as the Banjo

Tessa is a wonderful business partner! We sell our jewelry and various crafts at our concerts, and it's always fun to see what creative idea she's come up with next!

Tessa is definitely the early bird of the family, and how she does it ....well...ahem...let's just say I'm not a very good person to ask! Her alarm goes of promptly every morning, and because I am always to tired to climb off our loft bed and turn it off, she always has to do it, and once Tessa is up she is, (more or less,) wide awake! Believe me, I know....:P She is also the sleep walker of the family, (although I have also been found guilty before,) and because I share a room with her, I am the put-her-back-to-bed-er! She also delights me (NOT!!) by mumbling and acting out very unclear and abstract parts of her dreams in the middle of the night!

Tessa is pretty good at making people laugh, even without trying to, and is called a 'ham' by many of her friends! :) We did many plays when we were little. (Above)
When she was little, Tessa loved to pretend. We have many memories playing Little House on the Prairie together, and being that Tessa was the youngest of our foursome, she usually played Carrie, and a pretty cute Carrie at that!
Tessa is quite the crafty girl! =) She enjoys knitting, quilting, sewing, jewelery making, sketching, and card making. She has won ribbons for her quilting and knitting abilities, as well as various art projects. Recently she has picked up the hobby of drawing, and as we are taking an art class together she has come up with some remarkable sketches, especially of people.
I love you like crazy, Tessa! Happy 13th Birthday!
Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. -Psalm 106:1

Happy Birthday Tessa!!

Happy 13th Birthday Tessa!

As of Febuary 20th, my sweet sister Tessa is a teenager! This markes an important day for the Alzen family history.....because now, for less than a month until Ize turns 20, all four of the Alzen childern will be teenagers!

Tessa is a darling sister, and she adds so much joy to our family. Although she may seem shy at first, her smile and happy outlook on life will convince you otherwise. Judge for yourself on the photos and facts I'll share with you below about Tessa Katelyn!