Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Tessa!!

Happy 13th Birthday Tessa!

As of Febuary 20th, my sweet sister Tessa is a teenager! This markes an important day for the Alzen family history.....because now, for less than a month until Ize turns 20, all four of the Alzen childern will be teenagers!

Tessa is a darling sister, and she adds so much joy to our family. Although she may seem shy at first, her smile and happy outlook on life will convince you otherwise. Judge for yourself on the photos and facts I'll share with you below about Tessa Katelyn!


Leah Marie said...

happy birthday, tessa! i hope you had a wonderful day. :]

The Armour Family said...

Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday Tessa!

What s joy it has been to know you for ... how many years now? You have been a blessing to me and the way that you are able to add a bright smile to someone's day is truly a gift from God.

May you grow in your love for Him and may you have many more years to sing to the LORD with the beautiful voice that He has given to you!

Love, in CRIST,