Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MN State Fair

The Parents
Bradley Wayne

Denise Anette

The Minnesota State Fair???!!! Little did we know that day, about four years ago, when we were walking through the Heritage Square and heard a bluegrass band for the very first time that we, the Alzen Family, would one day play on the same stage ourselves. If you would of told us that then, we would of told you that you were crazy!!! Yes here we are at the Heritage Square in the State fair. We had a great time playing our music, eating delicous greasy food, listening to other great bands, enjoying different comody shows, looking at 4-H entrys, animals, and other arts, and everything else that comes with the state fair. We had really good crowds, fairly chilly and windy, (as you can tell by Tessa's missing sailor hat, :) but sunny weather, and a blast. We have always been really big State Fair fans; Isaac has worked there, and Tessa and I have entered quilts in contests there, and altogether we go there at least once a year, so actually being hired to play our music there was a fun experience.

The Children

Isaac James

Lucas Anders

AnaLise Rae

Tessa Katelyn