Monday, January 24, 2011


About three weeks ago, Nikolai once again left for Ukraine. This Christmas's hosting program went even better for us, because Nickolai was used to his surroundings and it wasn't quite as bewildering for him. We loved having him with us for the festivities of the Christmas season, and he loved giving and receiving gifts! :) Nikolai picked out an adorable pair of slippers for me, and practicly glowed as I unwrapped, squealed, and thanked him for his sweet gift. He added so much to our celebrations, and was the best li'l 'Christmas gift' I could have asked for! Below are a few random and cute pictures of Nikolai.

Our little 'fish' swimming with Grandma

Nickolai adores riding on any type of boat or machine, particularly Jet was hard getting him away from them!

Nikolai's buddy

Nikolai certainly wanted to belong! He would get out his mini guitar, banjo, egg shaker, or croaking frog and diligently practice along side us. He sure brought the cute factor onto the stage! ;)
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