Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jacob's Birthday Post!

November 5th, we celbrated Jacob's second birthday in America.  He has been such a blessing to our family these past two and a half years.  When first meeting Jacob, you might get the first impression that Jacob is quiet and shy.. but after getting to know him, he will talk your ears off! ;)  Jacob is an avid outdoors-man; he loves setting traps, and hopes to be out hunting with a bow, as well as a gun pretty soon!  Along with his love for outdoors, Jacob is often found working on a project of some sort.  His current favorite hobby is building remote control model airplanes!  Jacob is very skilled in this area, and loves to make new creations out of different odds and ends.

We celebrated Jacob's birthday together as a family.  For his birthday meal, Mom made a delicious pot of Ukrainian Borscht, Jacob's favorite soup.  We also went to Grand Slam the day after.  Here we played rounds of put put golf, lazertag, and go-carts. =)  We all agreed that our family favorite was the lazer tag.. being the competitive family we are, we ended up playing like five times in a row! It was so nice to have a special time together with the whole family.

Happy 12th Birthday, Jacob!
Posted by Tessa