Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy 10th Birthday, Jacob!!!

It's been fun to get to know his personalities over the few months.  Jacob and Jonas stick together basically all the day. Whether it be hopping in the car with "Pop" as they call him, or throwing snowballs at each other outside, or building neat machines with different odds and ends. :)

Jacob is a very sweet and sensitive boy.  Yet, when it comes to boy things like baseball, he is all boy. :D   He is very caring.  For instance, when Jonas falls down or gets hurt, he'll be right there to comfort him.  He likes to be active, so I have fun jumping on the trampoline with them or simply playing with Legos.  He is very creative, Jacob has built several bow and arrows with sticks and string.  For his birthday he received his own real bow, so he has been doing that a lot.  Outdoors is one of the things he loves to be doing.  He always tells us that he wants to hunt like Papa, which he sometimes does by going out in the woods sitting next to Dad just waiting and watching. :)  He has been such a sweet brother to me.  I love having younger siblings!

Isaac enjoys playing catch with the boys or, in this picture they built a giant snowman with the little snow we had. ;)

Mom and Jacob when we first got introduced to them in Ukraine.

Jacob and Jonas enjoyed to make "pillow forts" in our little apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. =D

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