Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Family Camp 2012!!

We spent last week at a homeschool family camp in Iowa.  It was hosted by the Bontrager and Wissmann families.  (I think I posted about it last year too.)  We had a really fun time fellowshipping with other like-minded families. We highly recommend it for any of you homeschool families.  If you are interested, just click on this website:
Thanks to Mr. Witzenburg for talking a few of these pictures!
Hannah W, myself and AnaLise
Some activities we did were: floor hockey, around-the-world-ping pong, and tons of volleyball! The boys made life-sized cardboard boats, they actually put themselves in the boats on a lake and had a race! (Somehow I ended up in our boat with "claim to fame" is...we didn't sink!) haha Another game they played was the annual, mighty mighty scoop noodle challenge.. a family favorite. ;) The girls' projects were making the family flag for their boat and making hair flowers.
We played a short set of music for one of the evening sessions. (It was weird playing without Isaac who was busy at college, but thanks to Carson B. we were able to have bass on one of the songs.) :)
Here's a picture with Susanna R, from Texas.

For some of the sessions they asked for volunteers for the object lessons.  Lucas volunteered and ended up running a mini race with his upper legs duct-tapped, and wearing a back-pack with weights inside! The message was demonstrating how it is difficult to run the Christian race if we are entangled with the weight of sin. (Heb. 12)

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