Saturday, January 14, 2012

Memories from the Christmas Season

As you probably can tell, by the lapse of time on our blog, we have been very busy! So I thought I should do a quick snap-shot of things we have been up to recently.

Cutting down our Christmas tree in our back woods

Jacob with his "mini" snowman (due to the lack of snow we've been getting) :P


Christmas concerts also kept us busy.

Mom and Dad went into court for the second time, to officially finalize our adoption.
 Here we are, going out to eat, to celebrate the two new additions of our family that have been such a blessing to us.

Then, on top of that we hosted Christmas. We had both sides of our family over for a joyous celebration.

AnaLise and our cousin, Jack

Jonas, Jenna (cousin), and Jacob =P

Mom  is a wonderful chef! 
We celebrated with sparkling pear juice.

Mama, Uncle Mike, and Grandma Pat

Our cousin Shane, Isaac,  Eric (cousin), and Lucas

 Grandma Dolores opening up gifts

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Amber said...

Great pictures! I am glad you had such a nice Christmas! And I think I recognize that restaurant! :)


Ritzman Family said...

Hello Brad and Denise,

What a great time you are all having. PTL!

It was a real blessing seeing you both and meeting Jacob and Jonas at the airport when the ECAS kids were returning. Thanks for the bit of conversation and testimony. God is good!