Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet 16!!!

Happy Birthday AnaLise!!!

Just thought I'd like to write a little note, recognizing her birthday...  On New Year's Eve was Ana's 16th birthday! (I know, I am extremely behind!)
Anz is an awesome sister and best friend to me. :) She has been a wonderful role-model also. 
Happy Birthday!
- Tessa


Hannah said...

HAPPY belated birthday AnaLise! I really hope we get to see you soon! :-) God bless!

Taylor Garms said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Analise! 16 - whew! Do you have your license yet? :)

Blessings to you!

Kaylee said...

Happy Birthday!
I enjoyed getting to know you at Family Camp!!!!

Brooke Noble said...

Analise - how exciting to be 16! :)
I hope you had a sweet and special birthday. We miss you guys!
~Brooke for the Noble family

AnaLise said...

rThanks for all the Birthday wishes girls!!

Hannah: I hope we can see you soon least before Itasca. =)

Taylor: I have my permit and can get my license anytime now. I remember you saying you were going to get yours soon; do you have it yet? :)

Kaylee: I had so much fun getting to know you at family camp as well! Will you be there this year?

Brooke: I miss you soooo much. I hope our paths will cross in the near future!