Monday, August 2, 2010

Kelliher Open

Kelliher Open is always a great time to get together with our relatives on my Moms side and do fun things together. This year there was another added element to add, Nikolai! He enjoyed the cabin, liked swimming, tried tubing, and loved boating.

My cousin Jenna and I after a game of flashlight tag. Thankfully this picture isn't zoomed up to far or you would of seen dirt all over my face. I also came in with skinned knees and black feet because I was able to crawl under cars, (don't worry, they were parked :) campers, and porches. Yes, our games of flashlight tag get intense!

Fishing on beautiful lake butter field

Our dog Shelby is afraid of the water but loves to ride in the boat.

Lucas went fishing on the paddle boat but unfortunately the only thing he caught was seaweed!

Nikolai (Kolya) absolutely loves to fish! Every day he would tell us how many fish he caught and how big they were and then ask when he could go fishing again. He was so excited when he caught this northern, it was his biggest of the trip; the rest were Sunny's. He kept on exclaiming on what a balshoy (big) fish he caught.

Tessa and I took turns fishing and driving the boat. Tessa probably enjoyed the driving more because she had a fish less day!

I caught two fish, a Northern and a Bass.

A little fisherman.

Tessa, my cousins Jenna and Jack, Mom and I spent a lot of time playing a scrabble game called Banana Grams.

My Mom's cousin Michel, his girlfriend Judy and Aunt Kathy before the family pictures were taken.

My cousin Shane with Shelby.

Uncle Mike and I made it all the way to the championship in our canoe race and then faced defeat against Isaac and Jenna.
Some other things we did that weren't pictured were knee boarding (I did a 180 but failed (after many tries) to do a 360. Shane did like twenty something 360s in a row!) croquet, canasta, an American History game, our photo contest with the theme of transpotation of whom Aunt Kathy was the winner with a beautiful picture of boats in Vietnom, mofia, and more.

Jenna and Jack love their pictures taken; can't you tell! =)

Mom and Nikolai with Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy

Our little giggly boy.

Having a cast certainly does not slow him down at all! Dad bought him a removable water proof cast cover so he could swim and tube with us. Swimming is definitely one of his favorite sports, at least it's a sport he can enjoy with one arm!

This was probably his first time tubing and he liked it. Fearless Nikolai was a little unsure at first but then went so far as to show everyone that he could do no hands for a quick two seconds and wanted to go even faster.

Boats, airplanes and cars are definitely his thing. When ever we drive over a lake, he points out all of the boats and oohs and ahhs at the big ones. Whenever we drive near an airport or a plane flyes over head, he has to show us and looks at them for as long as he can. Whenever we drive by an especially big, long, weird, small or colorful car he is the first to notice and often goes around making vrom vrom noises. Oh my goodness this boy is cute!!!

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