Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Visits

About three weeks ago we had some families stop by from out of town. The Anderson family (above) live in Missouri where we met them at a concert we did down there. They were coming up here to spend the Fourth of July weekend with relatives so it was fun to see them again; in a different state!

Isaac usually jumps so high that he hits his head on the tree branches!

Mom and Mrs. Anderson preparing the food

We had fun playing ping pong, around the world ping pong, Foosball, ultimate Frisbee, catch phrase, jamming, and an interesting game of volley ball. :)

My mom knew both of these moms through college and they have a lot of good memories together. It just so happened that they both called our home in the same week and asked if they could stop by while in the area. We don't see either of them very often because they live in two different states so of course we were happy to have them over. The funny thing was neither of them knew the other one was coming and they both planned for the same day! Mom told Mrs. McCormick who was coming so she could get there early to open the door and surprise them. It was pretty funny.

Mr.and Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. McCormick (her husband was at home,) and Mom and Dad.

All of the children in order of age. From left to right: Isaac, Lucas Jonathan, Me, Nathan, Emma, Abby, Tessa, Max and Caleb.

Max and Emma are sibs from the McCormick family and Jonathan, Nathan, Abby and Caleb are from the Shaw family.

Taco salad

We had fun playing catch and throw, bachee ball, trampoline games, ladder ball and Fooseball.

If you can't tell, there's someone in there!

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