Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Photos

These photos were taken a week ago because we wanted to get some nice photos of our family with Nikolai before he left last Thursday. We asked a friend of ours, Meagan Wanschura with her buisness Carpe Diem Photography, to take these photos and we were very impressed with the way they turned out.

These next three photos are a few of our school photos.

Thanks Meagan, you did a great job!


Armour Family said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, Ana Lise!

You all look WONDERFUL!

I can't wait to see Nikolai and Dima when they're here to stay!

May the LORD bless you!

Hannah (Armour)

The Alzen Family said...

Hi Hannah!

I enjoy looking at all the pretty photos on your blog too!

Miss you,