Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I love this picture!
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches!

Nikolai stepped off the plane into a winter wonderland, and absolutely loves the snow! He loves to play in it, to throw it, to climb it, and to eat it! He also is excited about Christmas. To think that probably never had a real Christmas tree and real Christmas presents blows me away. So in order to give him the 'full' affect, we waited till he came to go chop down our tree from our woods in the back.

Isaac carried the tree all the way back home in the blizzard, it didn't help that the wind was blowing the opposite direction down the hill when we were going up it, and that the huge tree acted like a sail to his disadvantage! :P

All of us gathered around the tree in the pine tree forest behind our house owned by our neighbor. He has wonderful trees for wonderful prices at a wonderful distance! :) (My snow pants do NOT normally look like that!! That was totally the light of the me. :)

Dad and Lucas took turns pulling Nikolai in the sled. The snow was so deep that it would have taken a year to get him there and back, so we found the perfect solution...a sled!

The not quite finished product! (Photo complements of Nikolai ;)

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The Armour Family said...

Blessed Alzens'
Merry Christmas my dear friends. We love your post and Ana Lise's Christmas pants are bueatiful. Make sure you pantent it!

The Armours