Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adoption Benifit Concert

About two weeks ago we did our fourth benefit concert for the adoption. We were so amazed at what the Lord did that night. To GOD be the glory! Our friends the Garms family graciously agreed to put on a double concert with us, and did a fabulous job! We had around 400 people show up for the fundraiser...what an answer to prayer. Along with the concerts there was a huge silent auction. Mom, Tessa and I had been soliciting donations from local businesses for the past month, and it really paid off. We are so thankful to all the companies, businesses, and friends who so generously donated; what a blessing!

To save time, I would like you to visit the blog of our friends the Armour family, who came to our concert. Their daughter, and my dear friend, Hannah, did a great job of taking pictures and then tried to send them to us, but the attachment files were having problems. The Armours put up a really nice post about the benefit concert, so visit their blog at http://www.armourclan.blogspot.com/, scroll down to the November 30th post entitled The Alzen Family's Adoption Concert, and just pretend I posted about it! :P Or go to the Garm family's blog at http://www.greatadventurefamily.blogspot.com/ at check out their November 23 post called Alzen Adoption Fundraiser as well!

We are so grateful to all of you who helped out, either by donating, performing, cleaning, cooking, announcing, or just attending, for you are playing a big role in bringing our two little boys home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


AnaLise for the Alzen family

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sad we missed it! :(