Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Here are some photos of Memorial Day Weekend most of which are from Wilderness Fellowship. We had so much fun there despite the mosquitoes and sun. (I came home super sunburned from playing volleyball!) We also played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee in the dark, don't ask me why, and we had no light so most of the time you didn't know where the Frisbee was until it hit you in the face! ;)
Lucas helping the Bruggentheis set up their tent

This is the archery station and no those are not real deer!

This man and his wife did the devotionals at Wilderness. It was really interesting because he had painted that picture and did other sculptures while his wife read scripture fitting to the theme. He also had a really good voice and sang some neat country gospel songs. (He has an amazing voice range, he can sing really low and really high!)

Lucas and Dad are in Alert and it's a really neat program for fathers and sons. Many of them volunteered their time to help out at Wilderness.

Nathan, Caleb, and Lucas

The station where our old-time photos were taken

All the activities going on over the weekend

The campfire where they sang songs, ate marshmallows and listened to 'Daniel Boone's' stories.

This is a gigantic slingshot where you put a tennis ball into the sling, pull back and try to aim for a bucket way down the hill in a mowed area. Only one person actually got it in the bucket but mine actually bounced off it! :(

Dad tearing down after our Saturday concert. It was really fun because we had such an interactive audience!

Lucas carving
Tessa and friends, Anna and Tabby doing crafts together

This was before we left for the weekend. We went with our Grandma to put flowers on the graves of our relatives because it was Memorial Day weekend. Incidentally we ran in to our Great Aunt and Uncle who were doing the same!
Great Aunt Marie, Great Uncle Bill, and Grandma. Uncle Bill is the brother of my deceased Grandpa Jim.

Hope you had a fun Memorial Weekend too!

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