Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Door County

Door County WI was a fun place to have a mini vacation. We took a few days off of concerts to just have fun around the area in which we were playing . We stayed in Fish Creek which was a cute little tourist town with lots of places to shop, eat, bike, and swim; which is just what we did. We also got to experience a neat tradition called a fish boil that I will tell you more about later.

- Swimming

They had beautiful beaches with soft sand and some pretty big waves. When we went to the beaches we could hardly believe we were in Wisconsin! It seemed like the ocean or something.

We had really nice weather which was great because we found out that before we came it was cloudy and rainy.

It was cool 'cause when you swam out to where it was kinda deep, It got so shallow that it was bellow my knees!

Our Frisbee comes with us where ever we go.

- Biking

They had some beautiful trails in Fish Creek so we decided to get hot biking and then cool off swimming.

This is after the long biking trip so apparently we were both tiered and hungry!

Along the way there were little stops so we were able to take breaks and take pictures.

There were some pretty interesting boats out there!


We found this funny little hat shop called 'Hat Head' where they had a wide variety of all types of hats.

They went all the way from regular base ball caps...

to strange irregular hats!

Isaac found a new best friend!

I thought these coats looked like they came from the wardrobe of the Chronicles of Narnia.

One store had baskets and baskets of beautiful flower arrangements.
When we were in the store with the coats I found these sunglasses that I really liked. I thought about buying them until I looked at the price tag...$87 dollars!

Fish Boil

I don't know if you've ever been to one of these but you've got to try it sometime.
First they take the fish and put it in a kettle to cook outside. Then they add whole onions and potatoes and they light it on fire to make it boil over in one big burst of flame!

As you can see in the previous picture Isaac got a little too close!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like you had an awsome time! SOMEBODY took a lot of pics ;). 87 dollar sunglasses aren't that bad! Shoulda got 'em! LOL