Monday, May 3, 2010

April Twins Game

Target Field was amazing! After having the metro dome for so many years I definitely vote that the outdoor stadium was a great improvement! (Especially with the weather we had! :D) My Dad's boss got season tickets and split them with the co-workers!!! We got really good seats too. I was in the front row of left field in foul territory; right next to the yellow pole. It was cool because I was right next to Young who made some pretty good plays in that game.

The field

Now for my families favorite Twins Players!
Dad: Justin Morneau
Isaac: Denard Span
Lucas: J. J. Hardy (Because he was a former Brewers player and Lucas likes the Brewers better than the Twins! Booooooooo!)
AnaLise: I am still currently mourning the loss of my previous favorite Twins player, Carlos Gomez, (as you can tell by my shirt number 22.) He got traded to the Brewers so even though he's still my favorite base ball player, I've had to make the tough decision of a new favorite Twins player. Announcing... Justin Morneau!!!

Tessa: Denard Span

Soldier raising the flag

Here's us kids standing with former Twins player, Tony Oliva. It just so happens that my grandmother is the honorary godmother of Tony Oliva's son!!
Lucas doing a score card
By the time the game was starting it was really packed!

The Twins players leaving the stadium with another victory.

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