Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Both my parents' birthdays come in May, and both Mother's and Father's day are in May also my parents anniversary is April 23, very close to May, so I thought I would do a short little post on them. First of all I'll start by telling you...THEY ARE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!!! (That's a fact not an opinion! :) Both my parents are very fun loving, hardworking, caring, selfless, kind, friendly, happy, etc.
Ten things my parents enjoy doing together
1. Traveling
2. Taking walks
3. Taking
4. Going to B&Bs
5. Playing Scrabble
6. Raising kids
7. Going out to eat
8. Learning langauges
9. Going on dates
10. Singing
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents. They have set such a wonderful example for us kids and have shown us what its like to live out the marriage covenant.

Ten things you might not know about my Dad.
1. He is very good at learning languages.
2. If he played a sport professionally it would be baseball.
3. He would make a very good gourmet chef.
4. He has consumed one of the spiciest peppers in the world.
5. Dad is pretty good at golf.
6. He loves trying ethnic and very strange foods.
7. He very easily gets motion sick.
8. He has a sweet tooth.
9. Dad is awesome at drawing funny cartoons.
10. His favorite color is blue.

Ten things you might not know about my Mom
1. She used to cook for an International Student boarding house.
2. She has been chased by a wild boar.
3. Mom loves learning foreign languages.
4. She is fearless when it comes to rides.
5. She is the champ of Scrabble.
6. Mom is an amazing cook, and she usually doesn't use a recipe.
7. She, like my Dad, is not picky at all.
8. Her favorite color changes monthly.
9. She played the saxophone in high school .
10. She enjoys embroidery.

Happy Anniversary, Mother's and Father's Day, and Birthday Mom and Dad!

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