Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adoption Benefit - Ridgeland

Wow, we feel so blessed by how God has been helping and prompting us to move forward with our adoption! Below are pictures from our adoption benifit concert last weekend. We are so thankful for all of our friends that volunteered to help; we could of never been able to put it on without all of their work! We would especially like to thank our friends, the Herrlinger family, for giving up so much of their time to do cooking, shopping, baking, and learning new songs for the concert. We appologize on the shortage of pictures; we were so busy with everything that we didn't have much time to take a whole lot. (You might be able to tell by some of the humor on these posts, that Dad did the comments on this post and the post before!)

Hannah and Hope

These two girls helped make the food, and Larrisa, (left,) is a part of the Herrlinger family that performed there.

Timmy, the cutest little toddler in the world!

Andrea was also an amazing help by cooking the Sloppy Joes. The song she wrote (and we heard for the first time) is amazing.

I guess our music was so loud that Kelly had to use sign language in the kitchen to communicate with the volunteers! :)

Ruth and Kelly were a great help by managing the bake sale table. We also love their smiles!
Ruth and AnaLise, (The social bug of our family.)

Children playing games outside the Community Center. It was such a beautiful day on Saturday - thank you Lord.

Naomi Herrlinger enjoying the day. She did some fancy fiddling and nice singing during the concert.

Friends from different walks of life connected at the fundraiser event.

Mikenna and big sister Amanda. It was so nice to see them at our concert.


Leah Marie said...

Oh it looked like so much fun! I wish I could've gone. I hope it went well! =]

Andrea Herrlinger said...

Ah, just found this! :-) Neat pics!

As far as the lack of pictures, I haven't had a chance to mention to you yet that I took quite a few, and actually have a CD burned to give to you next time we see each other! This weekend right?! :-)

See you then!

Anonymous said...

ur nxt 1 is like th 8th, right?

The Alzen Family said...

Mike: Yes it's the 8th of May. It was great to see your family at the last one!!!

Andrea: Glad to hear it! Thanks for doing that; we look forward to seeing them.

Leah: Thanks Leah! It went really well, we are so blessed at what God is doing in our lives. Miss you guys!