Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frisbee Fun

Some of you may have been wondering, 'what do the Alzen kids do in their freetime?' well, we play frisbee, play frisbee, and play more frisbee! No, actually frisbee isn't the only thing we do, it just happens to be the easiest sport to bring with us! We enjoy playing almost any sport there is, whenever we can; as you can tell by us playing frisbee outside when it is pitch black and late! We got these light up frisbees that are really fun to play with, so Tessa and I tried to get them on the camera, we ended up with some pretty weird/cool photos!

This frisbee changes colors, one color at a time, but I was able to get a bunch of them at once!

Besides playing for fun, Isaac is on an Ultimate Frisbee team at his collage.

That weird squiggely thing is an actual frisbee flying through the air!

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Anonymous said...

F.N.O. , I will always associate the Alzen children with the term "frisbee" and vice versa:)