Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Lost Elevator

Just recently we attended the premiere of a fabulous radio theater production our friends put together called, "The Lost Elevator."  As you can tell from the above picture, the theme was the 1930's.  We had a blast and definitely enjoyed the drama. I would recommend you check out their website: Northern Lights Media. Also, check out their newest project: Alban: Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy.

I LOVE this picture. Lucas, I have to say you have the best face ever. haha

Posted by Tessa


Andrew Glerum said...

Mrs. Alzen's face is PRICELESS on the bottom picture! :D

chels said...

Hello Alzen Family!

This is my first time on your blog...beautiful! I love your new website design and pictures!

And these blog pictures are great. =) What fun...

chels said... your outfits, and very cute haircut Tessa!!