Friday, July 6, 2012

More Birthdays

Since AnaLise posted about my birthday, I thought I would post about the Spring/Summer birthdays including: Jonas, Dad, Mom, Isaac and Lucas. 

First I'll post about our cute comedian, random joker, little stinker, and smiley and enthusiastic other words JONAS!!             

I love you Honka!
Have a Happy Birthday, Jonas!

Now I'll do Dad and Mom, who have been such amazing parents! 
You guys are such incredible examples, I love you both SO much! <3 p="">
In addition to both of their birthdays, it recently was their anniversary.  Thank you for your love and commitment Dad and Mom!

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!

(In the picture above Isaac is running the Tough Mudder...let's just say, a very difficult obstacle course that involves mud. ..As the picture proves!)
You are such an awesome brother! Now you are an even more "official" adult. ;)
Happy 21st Birthday, Isaac!

(This photo was taken in Spain at a soccer stadium.  Lucas and Isaac went there to visit our exchange student, Samuel while the rest of us were in Ukraine, adopting Jacob and Jonas.)

Lucas is 19!
Time has gone by SO fast...I can't believe that he's 19!
Lucas is such a nature lover...(and I think he's secretly a mad scientist!) :D  Lucas is a sensitive and loving brother.  I am so grateful for you, Lunes!

Happy Birthday, Everyone!

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