Friday, September 10, 2010

MN State Fair 2010

Hi!!! Well here we are on our last day at the Minnesota State Fair (last Sunday). Wow did that go fast! Once again we had the privilege of playing in the Heritage Square, this time it was on Monday and Tuesday. We thought that because we were playing on week days instead of the weekend this year that we probably wouldn't as good of crowds. Wrong. We had even better crowds than last year; it was full almost every concert on Monday but not as much on Tuesday! Weather wise it was totally opposite than the year before. Before it was bitterly cold especially in the mornings, this time it was extremely hot! Off stage we went around wearing ice wrapped in a towel around our necks!
Another interesting plus was that we were asked to play for Garage Logic show on 1500 ESPN that Joe Sucherey or whatever his name is hosts. It was a pretty um well memorable experience. The only problem was that they weren't able to use our mic because they were missing something needed. So we used there two mics which obviously weren't meant for a band. It would of worked OK except that we were so squished that when one of us took a break there wasn't enough room to get over to the mic so you couldn't hear very good. Oh well it was still a fun experience to meet Joe and to play a couple songs on his show.
Of course we had so much fun that we had to go back, so we went the first Saturday that it started and also the last Sunday of the fair, which this post is about. Because we weren't performing, I actually remembered now and then to take a couple of pictures. Wow, sorry I didn't mean to write you a speech I just had so much to say; I guess that's what happens when I don't blog often enough!

Yeah, I know, this is a really bad picture of the screen but I thought the sky looked cool.

Tessa and I impatiently waiting for the talent contest to start at the grandstand. We got there 45 minuets early so we could get good seats.

Dad and Mom talking with a few of the friends we unexpectedly saw at the fair.

Okay, so this talent show is for all the winners of all the county fairs across MN who came to the fair. All the winners did another smaller contest earlier in the week those who won did another bigger one and then all of the winners advanced to this final contest at the grandstand. It's always a really fun event to see, because there is a lot of different talents. In this contest there are three different categories, the pre-teen division, teen division, and open division. (anyone)
Here are some of the variety that we saw there: Singing, Guitarists, rock bands, (definitely not my favorite,) jazz bands, tap dancers, dancers, pianists, harmonica players, jugglers and a beep boxer. And not an ordinary beep boxer either. Because we don't listen to that type of thing, I had never heard one before but had heard of them from my cousins. This guy was amazing! He made a billion different sounds with his mouth and it sounded like a whole band! I have no idea how he does that; he makes so many weird and cool sounding noises at once. The audience loved it, and he, (a boy around 16 or 17) got a standing ovation and one first place in the open division. Second place was a fabulous guitarist, and third was a seventeen year old boy who tap danced.
The picture above is of last years winner, Sedra Bistideau who played while the judges were making their decisions. She is probably the most talented fiddle/violin player I have ever seen, especially at the age of 15 or 16, I can't remember which. Her family used to have a bluegrass band so we've seen her at a lot of festivals and fiddle contests.

The beautiful fireworks display after the show.

This is in a creative arts building and it certainly is creative. All of the pictures were made with seeds!

A very detailed seed picture.

My favorite :)

An ethnic band that we heard.
Well that concludes my post for the fair. The talent show didn't end until 11:00 PM which means it was three hours long, so we got home really late. That means I was very tiered and in the morning you could tell :) I accidentally poured apple cider into my cereal instead of milk, shredded my finger instead of the apple, and almost sprinkled chili powder into the french toast marinade instead of cinnamon!
Well I should probably go now; were heading out to Iowa to do concerts and go to a family camp for a week so stay tuned for more posts in a week or two.

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Leah Marie said...

oh i love the great minnesota get together! i've heard about that boy who did the beat boxing. my mom's friend knows his mom or something and she was saying he was vey talented. :]
we went on the first day it opened.