Sunday, November 1, 2009

Itasca Family Bluegrass Festival 2009

Itasca 2009!!!

What fun we had at our favorite festival ever! We look forward to this festival every year. It's great to see so many families we know, yet we love meeting new people there too. This festival is run by the Berge family, (below,) of whom we are good friends with. Here I put the list of all family bands that played on the main stage this year, and after that are a few additional pictures of us playing away. Hope to see you there next year!

The Berge Family

The Link Family

The Alzen Family

The Easter Brothers

The Durocher Family

The Kingery Family


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! That was a FUN festible. You guys know if you're playing next year?

Anonymous said...

fun seeing you guys last night. hope your dad's doing ok.
Tessa: where did you get that banjo strap? I'd like to get one sorta like your's.

Emily Anne said...

I miss you guys!

The blue shirts you are wearing in one of the photos is soo cute! :)

Blessings- Hope to see y'all soon!